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Airlock – Application Whitelisting that works

Simple. Secure. Effective. Application Whitelisting

Stop targeted attacks with the most effective cyber security strategy possible

Application Whitelisting – With Ease

Airlock makes application whitelisting easy

Simple to use

Airlock was built to reduce complexity and scale rapidly in ever changing enterprise environments. Capture, Audit, Enforce.


Creating, deploying, enforcing and managing application whitelists in is FAST. Organisations can become compliant and secure sooner with Airlock

Complete Coverage

All the functionality you need to protect your environment with Airlock

Binaries plus Scripts!

Whitelist support for all binary files such as exe and dll’s, including scripts like VBScript, MSI,JavaScript, Batch files, PowerShell and HTML executables.

File Reputation

Inbuilt file reputation checking to determine suspicious or malicious untrusted execution attempts and to help you determine what files are safe to add to the whitelist.

About Airlock Digital

Airlock Digital was founded in 2013 with one goal, assist organisations to implement and maintain Application Whitelisting, simply and securely, in dynamic computing environments.

The founders of Airlock Digital have spent years implementing Whitelisting technologies in enterprise organisations and deeply understand real-world whitelisting challenges. Airlock Digital was born out of necessity to address these challenges, as a new approach to Application Whitelisting was needed.


    The largest challenge organisations face when implementing Application Whitelisting is the creation and maintenance of the whitelist itself. Airlock contains simplistic workflows which enable organisations to easily create and maintain a unique hash based whitelist for their organisation. This provides a high level of security, as the whitelist is created and maintained locally without external trust.


    Airlock has been designed to exceed the security requirements of Application Whitelisting as defined in the Australian Signals Directorate’s Information Security Manual (ISM). Hash based whitelists, role based separation and whitelist auditing have been designed to enable compliance with the ISM.


    Airlock builds a centralised repository of all executable files handled on your network. This includes comprehensive file metadata, execution history and associated network activity. Airlock can even obtain and store centralised copies of all executable files for forensic analysis.


    Airlock reports and dashboards have been designed to include actionable metrics and logs which humans can understand. Combined with custom branded reporting, the status and effectiveness of Application Whitelisting can be easily communicated with audiences across an organisation.