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Demand More from Your Data

The Devo Data Operations Platform

Turn Streaming and Historical Data into Real-Time Insight and Action

Operate at Petabyte Scale. Deliver Insight and Action Across the Business.

Real-Time Data Collection

Devo is capable of ingesting any type of data, regardless of its source. Devo avoids the bottleneck of indexing at ingestion, and doesn’t suffer slower query times, by isolating indexing from the ingestion process. Raw data is available for query immediately as it’s written to disk. The Devo approach scales to petabyte data rates without performance degradation or operational headaches of index management and without infrastructure sprawl.

Data Store that’s Always-Hot

Devo stores its data in raw format so it’s always hot. Forget the concept of managing hot, warm, cold and frozen data stores. Processing of data is done at query time.  This provides instant adaptability to any changes in the underlying data and changes in the questions people want to ask of their data.  No need to rebuild indexes or reformat data.

Enhance and Correlate Data

Data sources can be combined and correlated with custom views to add context, all at query time. Streaming data from all business sources can be enriched.  Leverage built-in and third party feeds for a single unified view of operational data.

Monitoring and Reporting

With Devo, real-time monitoring of event data from across the entire business is simple.  Gain instant insight into the performance and security of the business with dashboards and reporting, helping you make fast data driven decisions.  Devo applications can extend this capability by providing pre-built, use case specific intelligence.

Data Visualisation

Visually driven data interaction model allows even non technical users to explore and interact with data – without having to write a single line of code.  Visualisation tools allow users to create, customise and share data and insights.  Extracting granular insights in operational data, no matter the source, is easily achieved applying advanced statistics and ML techniques.

IT Operations

Gain a complete Picture of IT at scale and move beyond infrastructure monitoring.  Collect data in real-time from applications, cloud, network, users and infrastructure.  Correlate and analyse at speed.  Increase business agility and customer satisfaction while driving down operational costs and reducing downtime.

Security Operations

From IoT, microservice based applications, to cloud, the threat landscape is rapidly expanding beyond the reach and scale of traditional SIEM solutions. Devo augments existing security solutions to provide threat detection, analysis, and response to address the security needs of the modern enterprise

Log Management

Get real-time collection, correlation and analysis of logs from across the entire business. Use data from endpoints, network devices, servers, IoT sensors, apps and cloud for a complete operational picture of your business.

Business Analytics

Use streaming and historical data to deliver new insights, services and products. Collect and analyse machine, business and operational data to gain insights, understanding and to respond to patterns and changes that can open new business opportunities.

Is Devo right for your business?

Contact GadgetAccess and let us help you decide. GadgetAccess works with partners throughout the region to address our mutual clients data driven needs.