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Flexera Vulnerability Intelligence Manager

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Flexera Vulnerability Intelligence Manager

Get prioritized, verified vulnerability alerts across your entire infrastructure.

The Secunia VIM covers more than 50,000 systems and applications.

Continuous alerts

When Secunia Research verifies a new vulnerability, the Secunia VIM can alert you via SMS or email.

Customised Reporting

Ticketing systems to support workflow management, and customized reports covering all advisories on new vulnerability threats across your network.

Extensive Coverage

The largest vulnerability management coverage in the industry, covering more than 50,000 systems and applications.

Verified intelligence

Secunia Research verify all publicly known vulnerabilities and create a Secunia Advisory, which includes criticality rating, attack vector, solution status and recommended mitigation.

Quality as well as quantity

With its’ comprehensive coverage and high quality vulnerability intelligence, the Secunia VIM is a powerful tool that enables you to analyze vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, track them and eliminate them.

Comprehensive reporting provides an accurate assessment for risk management and compliance purposes and a better ROSI.

Cut through the information overload with automated reporting

The Secunia VIM lets you create specific vulnerability management reports for different product categories across your entire infrastructure by assigning filtering criteria, ensuring that you receive the alerts and intelligence that is relevant to your specific needs.

“The VIM provides our CERT team the timely vulnerability information they need to focus on managing IT incidents, rather than hunting down information”

“Thanks to the high quality of the information provided and the rapid and extremely service-oriented response to our queries as well as suggested improvements, Secunia’s services have proven to be particularly valuable to the Bundesbank.”

“By having a central place to go to find all security vulnerabilities for devices across the utility spectrum, greatly reduces the manual effort involved in meeting the requirement to assess all vulnerabilities…”

Secunia VIM receives a 5-star review by SC Magazine

“We also found the speed of this product to be impressive. There was no lag in any of the various functions. Even the historical searches were almost instantaneous”

Read the full review here

Looking for Customer Support, FAQ, more Product Information or Documentation?

Visit the Secunia VIM support page

Flexera Corporate Software Inspector

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Flexera Corporate Software Inspector

Enabling organizations to assess, prioritise and execute software vulnerability remediation to reduce risk

Read how Auckland University of Technology solved their patch needs with Corporate Software Inspector

Vulnerability Intelligence

Verified, accurate and timely intelligence from Flexera’s in-house Secunia Research Labs team enables you to choose the best remediation strategy.

Reduced Patching Costs

Includes hundreds of preconfigured patches for easy deployment and covers 20,000+ programs – more non-Microsoft programs than anyone else.

Software Scanning

Multi-platform software scanning correlates our vulnerability database with your infrastructure, for effective risk prioritization.

Deployment Solutions

The Flexera Corporate Software Inspector (formerly Secunia CSI) can be integrated with your preferred patch deployment solution. It also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft System Center and Microsoft WSUS.

Ready for the enterprise

Covering hundreds of thousands of hosts, the Flexera Corporate Software Inspector (formerly Secunia CSI) is a match for any enterprise.

Data is filtered and segmented to enable prioritization and hundreds of pre-configured patches make deployment much easier.

Try our SC2012 plugin

Thanks to the full integration between Microsoft System Center 2012 and Flexera Corporate Software Inspector you no longer have to login to separate consoles to do your day-to-day work.

Flexera have made the Flexera Package System available directly in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, including all the preconfigured patches that come with CSI.

Ready for your OS

The Flexera Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) is an authenticated internal vulnerability scanner, capable of assessing the security state of practically all legitimate programs running on Microsoft Windows platforms and supports scanning of Windows, Apple Mac OSX, Android and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) platforms

“Secunia is the only vendor of its size in the market providing the very important integration to SCCM…”

“The Secunia CSI has helped me to secure the network by making sure that I roll out the latest secure version for installed software.”

“With Secunia’s CSI solution, we demonstrated that we have a proactive software patching program and an effective third-party software patching process”

This is how the Flexera Corporate Software Inspector compares

The Flexera Corporate Software Inspector’s combination of vulnerability intelligence, vulnerability scanning, patch creation and patch deployment is unique in the industry.

CSI tells you when, where, what and how to patch.

Looking for Customer Support, FAQ, more Product Information or Documentation?

Visit the Flexera CSI support page

Software Vulnerability Manager

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Software Vulnerability Manager

Software Vulnerability Manager

Your Complete SecOps Platform

Software Vulnerability Manager

Software Vulnerability Manager is a powerful vulnerability assessment, patch management and vulnerability intelligence platform. It enables IT Security and IT Operations to identify and track potential vulnerabilities in applications and remediate them. SecOps teams are enabled by verified intelligence from Secunia Research, vulnerability advisories, accurate assessment and security patches for operating systems, applications and more.  All of this from a single console, taking away the headache of managing various operating systems, a raft of applications and a plethora of devices.


Security and Operations teams are able to respond to new threats accurately and faster with a collabrative approach. Security teams are resonsible for ensuring the integrity of information assets and responding to security alrets and incidents. Operations teams are responsible for the availability of systems and the performance of those systems. Patching falls between the two streams as it impacts both security and operations. Therfore, a collaborative approach is needed for effective management of software and hardware vulnerabilites.

Consitent Data, Custom views

SVM allows IT Security and IT Operations to have consistent data, with customisable views. Therefore teams can collaborate effectively on assessed vulnerabilities, remediation tasks and the latest research

Remediation Policies

Implement vulnerability management policies and remediation workflows to secure your organisation. Drive processes from start to finish to ensure SLAs are met.

IT SM Tickets and Workflows

Integrates with ServiceNow and BMC Remedy for tracking vulnerabilities from the advisory right through to remediation.

IT Security

Leverage the verified vulnerability intelligence from Secunia Research, and stay on top of software vulnerabilities that impact your business.


    Secunia Research and Assesment results allow you to track, drive and complete remediation efforts, effectively reducing your exposure to hacks.


    Get advisories, alerts, tickets, reports and visibility into software vulnerabilities AND security patches so you can react faster and more efficiently.


    Focus your vulnerability research, news and alerts on the products that matter the most.

IT Operations

Leverage the verified vulnerability intelligence from Secunia Research, and stay on top of software vulnerabilities that impact your business.


    Determine patch priority based on verified criticality, configure and publish patches to WSUS and SCCM for non Microsoft applications.


    Configure a patch once, and future updates are automatically prepared.


    Continuously asses your exposure, with intelligence on more than 20,000 vulnerable applications.

Like to see Software Vulnerability Manager in action?

The best way for you to see how SVM can help address your vulnerability and patching needs, without trialing first, is for us to show you. Request a walkthrough or demonstration of Flexera SVM by GadgetAccess today.

Learn more about Flexera’s Secunia Research Labs

Learn about the benefits of Vulnerability Management in keeping your business secure from cyber threats. Vulnerability Intelligence plays an important part in this and Secunia Research by Flexera Software produces the vulnerability intelligence that allows their customers to stay secure.