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laptop lock

Lock It Up and Stay Alert! Simple Approaches to a Secure Workplace

By Andy Curtis-April 25, 2018 -No Comments

Make intruders look for an easier target by using basic security methods. If you want to protect your customers


Whistleblowers – What You Can Learn from Constance Lyttle

By Andy Curtis-April 20, 2018 -No Comments

Who blew that whistle? Whistleblowers have protection under the law. Ms. Lyttle’s experience can tell you what you need


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Top 5 Best Practices

By Andy Curtis-April 12, 2018 -No Comments

You’re enrolled in your company’s BYOD program—now what? Follow these top five best practices to ensure your personal devices

BYOD Security

BYOD Security

By Andy Curtis-April 7, 2018 -No Comments

Learn how using your mobile device can put personal and company information at risk—and what you can do about

money laundering

Money Laundering – Launder Your Clothes, Not Your Money!

By Andy Curtis-April 1, 2018 -No Comments

Money laundering is a criminal enterprise in which criminals attempt to use legitimate businesses to process or “launder” their

employee fraud

Stop Inside Jobs

By Andy Curtis-March 28, 2018 -No Comments

Follow these best practices to protect against employee fraud and theft. Employee fraud accounts for 40 to 50 percent

sarbanes oxley act

I’m Not a Board Member, So Sarbanes Oxley Doesn’t Apply to Me…Does it?

By Andy Curtis-March 22, 2018 -No Comments

Corporate and financial disclosure may be the most visible part of SOX, but that’s not all it covers. If

intellectual property

Intellectual Property – Loose Lips Sink Ships!

By Andy Curtis-March 18, 2018 -No Comments

You would never hand over your work laptop to a competitor. You wouldn’t share work files or give someone

The Real Cost of Spam

By Andy Curtis-March 15, 2018 -No Comments

Spam costs organizations billions of dollars a year—but you can help avoid those costs with some simple practices. A


Compliance – Are You Sure You Aren’t Breaking the Law?

By Andy Curtis-March 10, 2018 -No Comments

It’s not always easy to know when you are in compliance. Compliance probably sounds like arcane mumbo-jumbo that only