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Comprehensive security services for strategic planning and tactical implementation

Before we sprinkle you with a few technical and business-speak words that outline our services, let’s spend a minute examining this basic concept of cyber-security. And let’s use an analogy – a comparison between going online and swimming at the beach.

If you’ve never been to a beach before, then turn up with no skill and no knowledge, that’s one helluva risk. No idea about rips, sharks or how to swim. Mega risk! But get some training, take advice and swim between the flags, and danger turns to safety.

The online world has it’s own rips and sharks, and needs its own set of survival skills. That’s where we come in. We’re a bit like the life-savers who find a safe part of the beach, who put in the flags, and who then manage, monitor and rescue. Just as life-savers minimise beach hazards so swimmers can have fun, we help keep your online experience safe so you can focus on your core business.

We do our online ‘life-saver’ impersonation in three main ways:

  • CISO as a service
  • Security Consulting
  • Vendor Management
  • Security Tooling specialists

For each service description, dip your toe in the water for a minute, to see how it may benefit your organisation.

CISO as a service

A key sign that you need some help with cyber security is – yes, you guessed it – insomnia. Probably yours:

  • Loss of sleep worrying about keeping private information … well, private.
  • Excessive wakefulness figuring out how to keep up with the demands of your regulator.
  • Nightmares caused by your utter lack of resources – time, money, talent – to get it all done.


So how can we get you sleeping better? Well, the answer could be … (drum roll) … CISO as a Service (CISOaas).

Here’s a snapshot of the big-picture benefits, compared with hiring a full time CISO:

  • Access to greater expertise and broader experience, eliminating ‘newbie’ mistakes.
    Less cost and less stress
  • 24/7/365 availability to deal with security breaches or other major incidents
  • Total independence and lack of bias, which means no chance of making decisions for the wrong reasons. (Not to mention less chance of all that messy empire-building, private-agenda and office-politics stuff.)

Drilling down into the detail, this is exactly what you can expect from us to enable the afore-mentioned benefits:

  • Expert insight into your risk, compliance and security postures
  • Overall strategic guidance that reflects your organisational growth, risk management and service offerings
  • The creation of senior-level presentations of your security posture and future plans
  • Policy development and recommendations that conform to NCUA / FFIEC requirements
  • Liaison with auditors, assessors and third parties, and assessment of associated reports
  • Assessment of the information security skills of your personnel, leading to a program of targetted education and training that will cultivate an effective team approach towards cyber-security
  • Management of the day-to-day security activities, reporting, and events

So what would your CISO be really, really good at? Try these skills for size:

  • All areas of application security
  • Access control and privilege auditing
  • Secure Architecture and Configurations
  • Network Segmentation
  • DDoS Mitigation and clean pipe solutions
  • Holistic anti-malware and rootkit detection
  • Secure Messaging, MDM, Anti-Virus, Anti-SPAM, DLP, Archiving/Journaling
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS)
  • Incident response, risk assessment and security policies and process
  • Encryption and Tokenization
  • Cryptographic key management and performance
  • End-to- end and point-to- point encryption
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), file integrity monitoring (FIM)

Security Consulting

cybersecurity consulting

Does the word ‘consultant’ make your heart soar like a hawk? Maybe not – it’s more likely to make your heart sink like a stone. After all, there’s nothing like paying 10 times as much as you should, for advice some consultants could cobble together after spending two minutes on Google. Well that ain’t us, folks.

With Gadget Access, you’ll get valuable advice at a fair price, and benefit from the industry insights and expertise of a team of security pros. In a board-level consulting capacity, we’re available to answer questions, evaluate vendors, and provide transparency for shareholders and investors.

Security Tooling and Vendor Management

Vendor ManagementTrue or False? All vendors have your best interests at heart?

False. Shock! Horror! Some of them have their own best interests at heart. Who would have thought?

Welcome to Vendor Land … also known as a minefield. Now, if you have to navigate a minefield, the best tool to take is a mine detector. That’s pretty much a metaphor for our Security Tooling and Vendor Management service. We know how to detect the mines, and therefore provide you with safe passage. What that means is that we know what works, we know what fails, and we know where to discover real value.

25 years of experience

We’ve been honing our craft since we started out as Leading Edge in 1992. That’s nearly three decades of getting down and dirty exploring the darkest corners of the internet.

100% Satisfaction

Near enough is not good enough. And it’s not our style. Why? Because we put our reputation on the line with every single project – just like you do.

Get More with Gadget Access

What you’ll get more of is: more time, more control, and more of an approach that’s proactive, preventative and professional.

Protect Your Business How We Can Help

End-to-End Risk Assessments

  • We’ll perform a comprehensive security audit with vulnerability and penetration testing to find areas of improvement.
  • We’ll target endpoint and data security — before hackers have a chance to.
  • We’ll work with you to prevent social engineering and establish security systems to protect user data and trade secrets.
Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Mind The Gap

  • Security specialists to augment your IT department, without paying a full-time salary and spending hours interviewing potential candidates.
  • A third party audit is more likely to paint an accurate picture of your information security and protect you from malicious corporate theft.
  • Gadget Access will work with you to assemble and manage a team.

Board-Level Security Consulting

  • You ask. We answer. IT and security consultancy at its finest.
  • We provide accountability and transparency to investors, shareholders, and customers.
  • We’ll draw a clear line to the return on security investment, and help you choose secure, dependable software vendors.
  • Gadget Access can keep you ahead of government legislation with compliance and regulatory audits for security systems.