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Company Overview

Okay, who are we? And what is Gadget Access?

Are we just failed used car salesmen or financial planners who got caught ripping off clients, and who now think cyber-security is the new black … a new way to make a quick buck?

Or are we the real deal – genuine experts with proven success?

Good news! We’re the latter! And we’ve been honing our craft since we started out as Leading Edge in 1992.

That’s nearly three decades of getting down and dirty exploring the darkest corners of the internet.

And guess what?

The more you fossick around in the dark, the closer you get to seeing the light.

On countless occasions, we’ve entered the unknown, turned ignorance into insight, and emerged from the shadows clutching shiny gems. (Okay, they’re not really shiny gems, but they are solutions that shine a light on the right way forward for organisations like yours.)

A big part of turning darkness into light is having a no-BS approach. Folk who come in spraying BS everywhere want to keep you in the dark; they want you to think this is all too hard and confusing, and the only way forward is to give the entire project to them, at whatever fee they ask. (Oh, the best way to spot BS is to look out for the modern equivalent of the shiny, ill-fitting suit, and listen for the technical and business jargon that sorta but doesn’t quite make sense. And if they manage to sneak in words like ‘bespoke’ and ‘artisan’ … RUN!)

Gadget Access

Our Mission

In simple terms, our mission is to support your mission by illuminating a path towards safety and security for all your networks, databases and all those other webby bits the baddies want to bugger up.

Gadget Access

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a customer centric organization that caters solutions for day-to-day business challenges.

Gadget Access


We love plain-speak, and we love transparency. We’ll help you understand the true costs and benefits of each problem and each solution, and help communicate everything in clear, concise language that gets heads nodding in the boardroom, the IT area and around the water cooler.

In the cyber-security field, we’ve been consulting for yonks. In fact, when we started out the floppy disk was king and spam only came in tins or Monty Python sketches.

2300 Happy Clients
1500 Qualified Employee
3100 Deal Assigned
25 Years of Experience

Our Experience Meet Our Team

Andrew Curtis
Andrew Curtis
- CTO -

As an established CTO, Andrew Curtis was a cyber security specialist and business leader before founding Gadget Access in 2016.