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BYOD Security

BYOD Security

Learn how using your mobile device can put personal and company information at risk—and what you can do about it.

In a recent study, Symtec found that 96% of misplaced devices had been browsed for personal information, and that 83% were accessed for corporate data.

You lock the door to your home to keep it safe. You lock your car door for the same reason. But do you lock your phone?

Whether it’s a tablet, smartphone, or laptop, your mobile device is a door. It’s a door to every photo you’ve taken, every e-mail you’ve sent, every password you’ve saved. Think about it—if you were at a café, would you hand your device to a stranger and let them flip through it? That’s the risk you take with an unprotected mobile device.

When you connect your device to your company’s network, your device becomes another door—to your company’s protected data. Your company has invested time and money to build a strong fortress around their data and systems. It’s up to you to ensure that the door you open is kept locked and secure.

When using your personal device for work, be on guard and follow these best practices:

Password Protect

• Always password protect. It’s the first, best line of defense for your mobile device
• Don’t use a simple password. Follow the same password guidelines you do for company-owned devices.

No Device Left Behind

• If you need to take a break or leave your seat, even for a second, always take your mobile device with you.
• If you do misplace your device, IMMEDIATELY notify your IT department so they can take appropriate measures. Everyone makes mistakes—what matters is what you do next.

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