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Privacy Principles

Privacy Principles

Imagine you’re not an employee of our company, and are instead a customer considering doing business with us. Wouldn’t you want to know that we were good stewards of your data? That we respected your choices and offered you control over your personal information?

Of course you would—which is why we give our customers the same respect for privacy that we would expect for ourselves.

As the world becomes more connected, it also becomes less private. Consumers are being asked to give up a variety of information about themselves to engage with businesses—or even just to get by in the day-to-day world.

Unfortunately, personal information has become a commodity for unethical use. The cost of a data breach can pull the rug out from under well-meaning people and businesses.

Because of this, we use our privacy principles as guidelines to ensure that we respect the rights and preferences of those whose information we collect, in accordance with the highest global standards. Think of these principles as a roadmap for making the best decisions we can when it comes to personal information.

Even if we aren’t subjected to regulatory control, we adhere to our privacy principles because it’s the right thing to do.

Our Privacy Principles:

  • Notice. Customers have the right to be notified about how we will use your personal information.
  • Choice. Customers have the right to choose how we use your data.
  • Transfer. Customers have the right to move, copy, or transfer your data to another organization.
  • Access. Customers have the right to access the personal information held about yourself.
  • Rectification and Erasure. Customers have the right to correct information, and to have your personal data deleted.
  • Accountability. Customers have the right to know that an organization is living up to the principles they pledge.
  • Security. Customers have the right to know that we will protect your personal information.

Global Standards and the GDPR

The Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the world’s most comprehensive approach towards regulating the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information.
Implemented in the European Union, and largely having consequences only for those businesses in—or doing business with—Europe, the GDPR has set a high bar for the rest of the world.
Although our organization may not be liable to compliance with the GDPR, we strive to act as if we were. This will ensure that we are maximizing our attention towards the privacy of our customers, and can therefore easily adapt to the rapidly changing nature of privacy law around the world.

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