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spoofed credit card

Cybercriminals spoofed Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union members’ debit cards

Tampa Bay Credit Union members had their debit card information spoofed after threat actors generated false cards using the financial institution’s bin numbers.

Threat actors identified the credit union’s bin numbers, the first six numbers on a debit card, and used software from the dark web to attach the Bin numbers to actual account holder’s debit cards, according to Fox 13 News.

What happened?

The threat actors without having any other card information or account holders’ personal information other than BIN numbers, successfully spoofed thousands of customers’ debit cards using sophisticated software.

“This was a situation where the “bad guys” tried using sophisticated software to perpetrate fraud without having any other card or personal information needed to be successful,” Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union said in a statement, SC Magazine reported.

Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union confirmed that its customers did not incur any loss. “No Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union member incurred any loss from the attempted transactions,” the financial institution said.

However, this card spoofing attack led to thousands of customers canceling their cards, causing backups for those awaiting new cards to be issued. It is also believed that the attack is from threat actors operating out of Australia.

Best Ways To Prevent Online Credit Card Fraud

1- Never enter your card information (or social security number, etc.) in response to an email or via an emailed link. Always go directly to the company’s site instead by typing the address yourself.

2- Only use your card for purchases on websites you trust.

3- When entering card information, check the page you’re on to make sure it’s secure

4- Do not enter personal information (including credit card numbers) if you’re on a public computer or public Wi-Fi network.

5- Watch your transaction history — make sure transactions match the amounts on your receipts, and look out for anything you don’t recognize.

6- Use a credit card (not a debit card) to limit your liability for any fraud that may occur.

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